Abalone Aquasuits has a history of more than 40 years.

Abalone Aquasuits was established by Jim Barany and his wife Eva Barany on the 2nd of February 1972 in Melbourne (VIC). In 1985 the company moved from Victoria to one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, the Gold Coast, in Queensland.

View of the Gold Coast, looking north.

The premises are located close to Surfers Paradise – in the industrial area of the suburb of Labrador. During the 1970s Abalone Aquasuits Pty Ltd became well known for manufacturing professional dive suits. The company supplied not only professional abalone divers, but customers such as the Australian Special Air Services, the National Safety Council and Police Search & Rescue.The company however did not only fulfil the needs of professional divers, but the amateur market, as well as several Australian spear fishing clubs throughout the 80€™s and 90€™s.

Characteristic of the companys business marketing, Abalone Aquasuits did not remain a manufacturer solely of dive suits. In response to the demands of the market in the late 80€™s they changed their product range and started manufacturing neoprene promotional products.

Abalone Aquasuits is well known for their quality workmanship and fast production time on both small and large orders. The company uses the latest technologies and has a large 750m2 floor factory.

The company, in accord with its dynamism, is open for not only transferring different, high quality and originally designed artworks onto their large range of existing products, but to create new shapes and new products. The company is happy to receive customers€™ new ideas and suggestions regarding new products.

Abalone Aquasuits stall setup at the APPA Show.

Abalone Aquasuits stall setup at the APPA Show.

Jim & Simon Barany in their Abalone Aquasuits stall.

Jim & Simon Barany in their Abalone Aquasuits stall.

The tradition and reputation compelled the company to keep the original trading name€“ Abalone Aquasuits Pty. Ltd.€“ despite its transition to promotional products. The company has been manufacturing with neoprene for more than 30 years. They are committed to maintaining and further developing their trade experience.

Abalone Aquasuits is preserving its family tradition. The founding members are still playing an active role in the company’s life. Their children, the next generation, are also in directing positions in different departments of the company, which currently employs more than 20 people.

Simon Barany is the Managing Director, Paul Barany manages the art department and Andrew Barany runs the cutting department and handles the stock.

Abalone Aquasuits Pty. Ltd. is a member of the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA). The company receives a large number of orders from members of this organisation as well as from non-members and welcomes all enquiries, however they only trade with distributors and on-sellers.

The company takes part every year in the APPA Summer and Wintershow in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. The show is a good opportunity for existing and potential customers to meet with the directors personally, see the company€™s products and have discussions about future business opportunities.

APPA - Australasian Promotional Products Association

APPA – Australasian Promotional Products Association.

Carbon Footprint

Our company puts emphasis on reducing its carbon footprint. In June 2011 we have installed a 30KW solar panel system onto our factory roof, one of the largest solar panel set ups on the Gold Coast.

30KW solar power panels on roof of Abalone Aquasuits factory.